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cooking with bruce and mark

Join us as we cook through a new recipe in almost every episode of our podcast, straight from our kitchen to yours. And look for the smaller bonus episodes in which we take down cooking myths or work through some of the common cooking mistakes. We'll make your laugh. Promise.

Aug 22, 2017

Each week we offer a few little tips and hints that will improve your cooking tremendously. This week it's all about meat. If you've ever though the timing in a cookbook or food magazine was off, if you ever wished your steak didn't go from well done on the outside to rare in the middle, and if you ever just wanted to feel more proficient in cooking meat of all kinds we have the answer for you. Let your meat rest at room temp for between 30 minutes and an hour before cooking it. Unless you live in equatorial climes it's perfectly safe. You see, putting cold meat in the oven means the meat has to warm up before it starts cooking and that happens from the outside in. And that's why you ned up with a ring of well done meat around a rare center. Room temp meat can start cooking right away and so not only will if cook faster but it will cook more evenly. You're welcome.