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cooking with bruce and mark

Join us as we cook through a new recipe in almost every episode of our podcast, straight from our kitchen to yours. And look for the smaller bonus episodes in which we take down cooking myths or work through some of the common cooking mistakes. We'll make your laugh. Promise.

Oct 18, 2016

It's another Tuesday and so it's time for us to take down another culinary myth. This time it's one we heard from our grandmothers... "Eat your carrots, it will make your eyes better." We proved to you a few weeks ago that eating spinach won't give all the iron you think it will and now we need to burst your bubble once more and tell you that eating all your carrots won't necessarily improve your vision. It may help if you're a toddler but once you're an adult the best you can hope for from a carrot is that all the vitamin A you are getting will possible help maintain your vision. But that's not a sure thing. Did you know that vitamin A is fat soluble? And if you don't eat fat with it, there's no way for your body to absorb it and use it. Good excuse to eat buttered carrots in our opinion. Look, carrots are delicious and healthy and part of a good nutritionally balanced diet, but don't ever look for any one food to cure what ever ails you.