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cooking with bruce and mark

Join us as we cook through a new recipe in almost every episode of our podcast, straight from our kitchen to yours. And look for the smaller bonus episodes in which we take down cooking myths or work through some of the common cooking mistakes. We'll make your laugh. Promise.

Jun 30, 2017

This week on the podcast we're using the pressure cooker to make something that will improve your cooking for months. Garlic Confit. Under pressure, the garlic, submerged in olive in jars, turns a rich golden brown, sweet, and aromatic. It infuses the oil with flavor that you just can't get in store bought flavored olive oils. It's a fun recipe to make and the results will stay fresh in the fridge for months. Try it on pasta, bread, roast chicken, and more. Listen to the whole show for how to make garlic confit and all the incredible things you can do with this amazing condiment