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cooking with bruce and mark

Join us as we cook through a new recipe in almost every episode of our podcast, straight from our kitchen to yours. And look for the smaller bonus episodes in which we take down cooking myths or work through some of the common cooking mistakes. We'll make your laugh. Promise.

Jul 20, 2017

This week, we're tackling a classic British dessert that is the most perfect summer treat of the American table, a summer pudding. Never had one? Well, if you like bread and jam you are going to love summer pudding. First you mix a ton of fresh (or frozen) berries and sugar in a sauce pan and cook it 5 minutes until it's jam-like. Then you layer that jam mixture with slices of white bread in a souffle dish. Then chill it. When you unmold it you have a deep purple cake that is moist with berry goodness that you can cut into wedges just like a cake. Just don't forget the whipped cream!