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cooking with bruce and mark

Join us as we cook through a new recipe in almost every episode of our podcast, straight from our kitchen to yours. And look for the smaller bonus episodes in which we take down cooking myths or work through some of the common cooking mistakes. We'll make your laugh. Promise.

Aug 2, 2016

It's Tuesday and so it's time to take down another culinary myth. This time it's the old adage that you should never turn meat on the grill more than once. We're convinced that some fancy chef somewhere put the word out that you should do this so that you end up with those beautiful parallel grill marks on the meat. Sure, they're pretty. And if you turn them at more than once, those marks go away and the meat becomes a more uniform brown. But here's the truth behind it. Turning the meat helps cook it more evenly, end of story. And better cooked meat is far more important in our book than a few pretty grill marks. Oh, and there's one more thing. We are not going to talk about grilling meat and NOT bring up our rant about instant read meat thermometers. You need one. Get one. It's the only way to truly know when you steak, burger, or chop is perfectly cooked.